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How to Deal With Difficult Meetings with Jane Gunn
Episode 9626th October 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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In this episode, we hear from the expert in conflict management and mediation, Jane Gunn. She discusses important tips to keep in mind in order to host great meetings. Jane also shares some practical conflict management tips and how to make decisions that you and your team agree on. 

Episode Highlights

[04:14] Why You Avoid Conflict

  • You may be afraid of your emotions or unconfident to navigate difficult conversations.

[05:26] The Skill of Conflict Management

  • There are four ways to deal with conflict: fight, flight, freeze, or appease.

[08:03] Conflict Management Within Teams

  • Conflict is necessary.  Some teams have too much, whereas others have too little.

[09:46] The Power of Resolution Rethinking in Conflict Management

  • Nemawashi is a process of digging deep into issues to determine their impact on all sides.

[12:22] The Importance of Consultations in Conflict Management

  • Consulting in conflict management others allows people to feel heard. 

[15:51] Uncovering Concerns

  • A concern can be addressed during the meeting or through a personal follow-up with the concerned individual.  

[17:04] Framing a Meeting

  • Set rules and expectations for the flow of the meeting.

[18:44] The Elephant in the Room

  • An anonymous poll can help people overcome the fear of speaking up.

[23:30] Uncovering Conflict and Conflict Management in a Meeting 

  • Be clear on your criteria for making decisions within your team to avoid others from deciding based on their own viewpoint.

[26:52] What Your Feelings are Trying to Tell You

  • Intuitive feelings serve to remind you to take the time to think rather than rushing a decision.

[32:21] Hosting a Meeting Like a Dinner Party

  • Try to make it both fun and functional.

[38:44] Your Role as a Participant in Meetings and Conflict Management

  • As a participant, you can use this structure: listen, don’t interrupt, and reflect back.

[45:04] Our Responsibility as Professionals

  • We have a responsibility to run effective meetings.

[46:30] Top Three Tips for Making Meetings Better

  • Think about the meeting as a dinner party, make the meeting fun and functional, and find ways to let everybody have a voice and participate.

[47:29] The Power of Resolutionary Thinking

  • The course focuses on creating a better understanding of how we can manage change, crisis and conflict.

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