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How to Start a Gourmet Food Business w/ Rialand Jones
Episode 13327th June 2022 • The Business Samurai • John Barker
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Rialand Jones is the Chief Popmaster and Director of Deliciousness for Richmond, VA based Lammar Marie’s Gourmet Popcorn (food business) where he is not only helping people quench their hunger for a delicious gourmet snack but helping local schools and non profit organizations raise money through their 50/50 fundraising program.

After leaving the Air Force as a Staff Sergeant, Rialand began searching for his place in the world of business. While spending some time as a government contractor and even corporate America, he still spent a lot of time honing in his business acumen.

Day to day he is a husband, father and still running his growing Gourmet

Popcorn business on not only a local stage but as a national e-commerce brand

with his sights set on expansion to more markets.

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