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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast - Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 939, 7th June 2021
This Affects All of Us – Tom Donnan pt 1

This Affects All of Us – Tom Donnan pt 1


Tom Donnan pt 1

Tom Donnan is back as our special guest today. Tom is an evangelist, author, teacher and someone who is on fire for God. He is gifted in discerning spiritual things that others see only in the natural. I look forward to our times together each month as Tom shares from the spiritual perspective about things happening all around us, in the news and in our lives.

If you are familiar with our conversations, I always have to say this disclaimer up front. We may have an outline of some topics to talk about, but the Holy Spirit guides the conversations. That means we never know what kind of rabbit trails we will be led down today. Praise God!

Help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, Tom Donnan! Tom, thanks for coming back on the show today.

Since we talked last time, so much stuff has been happening around the world, I really don’t know where to begin.

I think I would like to talk about what is happening in the number one economic powerhouse and the most powerful military force in the world right now, China.

As anti-American as that sounds, it is what is developing right before our eyes. And as we have said before, God allows certain things to happen in order to capture the attention of believes to, basically, “Get with the Program!”

My wife called me into see something on the news on TV, I then went to check it out online myself, and – sure enough – there was a YouTube video of this skyscraper in China that is swaying back and forth in the wind. So much so, they had to evacuate it because the authorities thought it was going to collapse. Did you see that?

356m Tall Skyscraper Shaking Again, Monitoring Data released, analysis of the causes of shaking - YouTube

You and I talk about earthquakes happening all over the world all of the time. Since we talking here about China, they just experienced, I guess you could call it spawning of earthquakes all in one day. Did you see anything about that?

Earthquakes In 4 Places Within 12 Hours In China - YouTube

Another topic we discuss each time is the continued escalation of volcanic activity around the world. It is almost like watching a pot boil when it comes to end time events. It seems like this warning signs started slow, but now – it is like the earth has reached its boiling point with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happening all over.

I recently seen volcanic activity increasing in Sicily and Italy as well as in Africa. Have checked out any of that information?

HUGE Lava Eruption In Africa! Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption in Congo (May 22, 2021) - YouTube

And let’s not forget about our friends over in Iceland. They even tried to build a sort of “dam” to hold back the lava flows. From what I seen, it didn’t work too well. Did you see the video on that?

Mesmerizing LAVA run downhill 💥 - YouTube

Oh, let’s talk about the drought beginning to impact the world, especially here in the United States. And this is only MAY right now, at the time of this recording. And we are already experiencing severe drought conditions. So much so, that California and Oregon cut off the water supply for irrigation of farms! Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. No water AND no food! California, what a lovely place to live. No laws, high taxes, no water, and no food.

California/Oregon Cut off Klamath Valley Irrigation to Farmers/Fisheries - YouTube

There are some farmers who have calculated that even if it started to rain normally right now, they may not be able to recover. Their soil is so dry, it just will not grow anything right now! That is almost reminiscent of the “dust bowl” days!

Farmer Forecast - May 18, 2021 ft. Eric Snodgrass - YouTube

Well, as always, we end up talking about some abnormalities in space. Asteroids, etc. But today, we leading off with Sun Spots. Could these sun spots also be the cause of the drought conditions that we are seeing? And sun spots also cause damage to a lot of electronic devices we have come to rely on, too. Correct?

Second M-Class Solar Flare Inbound Today May 22nd 2021! - YouTube

Technology is so ingrained in our society. In ways most people do not even realize. If sun spots can disrupt satellite communication, that puts our national defense at a high threat of having issues. Not to mention retail, commerce, banks, your computer system, etc. And when there are issues like that, obviously, security drops because everyone is focused on keeping the ship afloat at that point. Which allows hackers to dive in and take over.


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