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Trailer17th May 2022 • Podcasters Live!!! • Steve Worthy
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Many people find it difficult to start and grow a podcast, especially when they want to transition to live streaming. Podcasters Live has now launched an audio podcast from our YouTube channel, where we focus on live streaming and developing your show, to help you start your podcast successfully.

Get a sneak peek of some of the amazing guests and topics we'll have this season on this launch episode. Listen in as we introduce our guests, including James Cridland of Pod News, Cher Jones, and Heather Roma. You should never miss an episode in this season jam-packed with exciting and informative topics!

Notable Quotes:

● Live streaming is one of the fastest-growing mediums.

● The more you can produce a well-thought-out conversation, whether, in your podcast or a live stream, the more people are going to listen to your podcast.

● A podcast needs to be as long as it needs to be but it has to be good for that length of time.

● We usually get so caught up on the definition of what a podcast is and forget about the actual content and how to actually get more people to listen to our podcasts.

● Community never forgets.

● The number one problem that podcasters have is not getting started, the number one problem is discoverability.


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