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Tax Season Scams with Kathy Enstrom
Episode 6610th April 2024 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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Welcome to The Protectors Podcast, your go-to source for staying one step ahead of the scams and fraud often accompanying tax season. As the tax deadline looms, so do the nefarious schemes of scammers impersonating IRS officials, "dirty" accountants exploiting trust, and a myriad of other deceptive tactics aimed at parting you from your hard-earned money. But fear not, because Mike, Mark, and special guest Kathy Enstrom of Moore Tax Law Group are here to arm you with the knowledge and strategies to outsmart these predators and ensure that your financial well-being remains secure this tax season.

The Protectors Podcast - your front line against fraud.


Moore Tax Law Group, LLC:

The Moore Tax Law Group is a tax advocacy and tax litigation boutique firm serving U.S. taxpayers worldwide from their Chicago and New York offices.  They represent individuals, business owners and businesses of all kinds in high-stakes civil and criminal tax disputes.  

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