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Learn why communicating effectively in English is essential for building a Global Business
Episode 253rd February 2023 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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Join your host Malay Damania in this exciting and insightful episode with guest Piyush Bhatia who is the founder of B.M English Speaking Institute.

Piyush shares his journey of how he got an innovative idea of starting his own coaching business when he checked a Wikipedia page in 2003 where he realized only 1% of the India population knows how to speak correct English.

He made teaching English his passion and started with a goal of teaching 1 crore Indians. 18 years later he has taught 7.2 crore working professionals, students and home makers and helped them elevate their lives.

Key Takeaways

  • It is essential to understand that English and communication are two different things. English is merely a language but communication is how you use that language to express yourself.
  • Communication includes your voice tone, eye contact, presentation skills, articulation and decoration of language.
  • There are many leaders who don’t know how to speak in English but are excellent communicators. 
  • Learning the right voice modulation with effective communication can help you close more business deals.
  • Build confidence as that is an integral part of communicating effectively. 

About the guest

Piyush Bhatia Piyush Bhatia, Founder and CEO of B M English Speaking Institute Pvt.Ltd.  Total Experience 33 Years of which 18 years in Training  He has more than 16 years of Corporate experience with DSP Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan and ICICI and has worked with Investment Banking and Equity Research Department  Completed Graduation in Commerce  Business and Training are his top two passions  

He has conducted 100+ Online workshops on Business Communication in 2020  He is Fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati  Has conducted several Train the Trainer batches for in-house and open Seminars  He has trained Middle and Senior Managers in major Corporates. Some of them are Sodexho, Bluestar, DNA, Faculty of Management Studies, Techprocess, Dinjure  His love for making a difference is demonstrated in the outstanding success of participants at BM English Speaking

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