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Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs and Tech Professionals - Mike Morton, ChFC® EPISODE 19, 22nd June 2021
Should you invest in Bitcoin?
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Should you invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all the rage. But should you invest your money in them?

I recently received this listener question:

“There is a lot of talk going on about Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Are they good investments?“

Bottom Line Up Front: I do not currently recommend putting money in cryptocurrencies, because it would be mostly speculation and not investing. Realize that if you do not participate there’s a good chance of FOMO with the constant news and watercooler discussion (is that still a thing?)

Julie and I discuss the following:

  • A well-diversified, low-cost index fund portfolio will serve you well. There’s no need to speculate with cryptocurrencies.
  • Realize if you put money into Bitcoin, it’s not an investment, but a speculation. There are no fundamentals - you are hoping that someone else will pay more in the future. The entire value right now is an implicit societal agreement that it’s worth something.
  • Cryptocurrencies are built on the Blockchain. This technology is a massive breakthrough and will be heavily used on the internet. Speculation in crypto is not an investment in Blockchain.
  • Bitcoin and other crypto assets are not currencies: they are too volatile. Currency exchanges do fluctuate, but not that fast. And when they do, it’s not a good sign!
  • There are a lot of risks with putting money into cryptocurrencies: Regulatory, Security, Insurance, Fraud, Market and Liquidity.  Be aware.


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