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304: How to handle your podcast show notes - Philip Swindall
Episode 43rd April 2015 • Podcasting Experiments • Joshua Rivers
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There are two things that many podcasters don't like to deal with, and one of those is the show notes. Philip Swindall is the Show Notes Guy and comes on today to share his podcasting journey and how he created a business around helping podcasters with their show notes.

There are two main purposes for show notes:

Increased SEO value
Providing information/links for podcast listeners

Each of these two purposes target different audiences, so you want to create show notes that makes it as easy as possible to accommodate each one. The podcast listener is primarily looking for the links and other goodies mentioned in the podcast episode - they're not necessarily looking to get all the details. Provide this information in an easy way by using headers in the content and providing a summary of the links and calls-to-action. The details on the show notes page, if done right, can help boost your search engine rankings, too.

Phillip starts out by talking about his journey working with TV and radio many years ago. He became interested in early podcasting efforts, but never jumped in. In 2010/11, he started to touch the podcasting world a little. In 2014, he jumped into the podcasting world with both feet as he launched his business as the Show Notes Guy during Podcast Movement 2014.

In the interview, Phillip shares the importance of having show notes and how to have better show notes. He shares how to get his guide on writing better show notes. I am downloading this myself so I can improve the show notes here! (The show notes for this episodes should be updated and improved soon!)

Phillip also shares the editing cheat sheet he put together about how John Lee Dumas edits 8 podcast episodes in one and a half hours!

Here's a transcript of the episode:
Joshua: "Alright welcome to the show Phillip. How are you doing?"

Phillip: "I'm doing great Joshua it's good to be here."

Joshua: "Yeah definitely glad to be able to have the opportunity to talk to you. I've been listening to you for several months now on your show the podcasters brought to you by the show notes guy."

Phillip: 'Hey you got the phrase right."

Joshua: "Like I said I've been listening."

Phillip: "It's all in branding dude, you got to brand it."

Joshua: "It is and so you do a very good job with that. And so everyone knows you as the show notes guy and they know you as the show with the podcasters. And I definitely love the show that you got there and you have a good mystery there with bringing interviews on and doing some solo stuff and answering questions; and definitely a very good resource. So for the person that's listening to this I would recommend going over there and checking out the podcasters by the show notes guys podcast. But what I want is to start out is just kind of start with your story because you haven't been podcasting for very long. Not even in the podcasting space for very long so can you go ahead and tell us your story about how you got into it and then kind of what you're doing with it."

Philip: "Well Joshua I started working in radio and television in the 1980s. I was working in a lot of different areas of broadcasting doing some news, some print journalism even; doing a lot of different things. And then I got out of the broadcasting arena for a while. And that bug once it gets in you just don't ever get rid of it."

Joshua: "Yeah!"

Phillip: "And so when I was in Seminary in the late 90s blogging was just coming on. My first blog actually was on a movable type blog and then they started charging. So we had to start finding other platforms and I eventually landed on WordPress which now is just a beast. But back then it was a bit of a struggle. But even when blogging was just starting guys were thinking hey why can't we do this with audio? We can do it somewhat with video. YouTube wasn't around just yet but you know there wer...