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Veganism, Bariatric Surgery and V-Land with Founder Will Callaghan and CEO El Archer
Episode 6117th July 2023 • Love This Food Thing • Jemma Richards
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Trigger Warning: This episode has mentions of sexual assault. 

“V-Land is an all inclusive platform. Everybody and every body is welcome at V-Land. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, we will accept you for who you are. .. We say on V-Land you don’t need a passport…. We try to make veganism accessible for as many people as possible. 

This week I am joined by founder Will and CEO El, from V-Land, an online vegan magazine/platform in the UK and New York. If you are vegan or even remotely plant based or you just want to live a more compassionate life then V-Land is for you. 

Will left a highly successful PR career suffering from burnout brought about in part when he became vegan and desired a life with deeper meaning. Will loves food but he suffers from anxiety and depression and more recently he is learning to manage both without overeating. 

El grew up with binge eating disorders and food poverty. Sexual assault added to her trauma and El decided to eat so she could disappear and regain control over her body.  

When El worked for the NHS she was bullied about her size and health problems led her down the path of bariatric surgery - a decision she now deeply regrets. 

I’ve wanted to invite Will onto the podcast for some time but as ever timing prevails and the bonus is the delightful El. We had a great time together despite some serious content. Will and El are a dynamic duo. Articulate, funny and like the proverbial peas in a pod. Love ‘em.

P.S. El will be returning to LTFT to discuss her bariatric surgery in depth and to help anyone else in a similar situation.


  • [02:50] - El’s relationship with food
  • [08:25] - Will’s relationship with food
  • [16:10] - Bariatric surgery
  • [36:00] - The world that is V-Land



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