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The Year of Joy Podcast – Immersion
Episode 185th September 2023 • The Art and Science of Joy • Andrew Cannon
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Dive Deep into the Science of Immersion with Paul Zak! We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Dr. Paul J. Zak to our latest podcast episode, where we unlock the secrets of 'Immersion,' a concept that has the power to revolutionize your joy and overall well-being.

Paul is Dr. Paul J. Zak is a Professor at Claremont Graduate University. Paul’s two decades of research have taken him from the Pentagon to Fortune 50 boardrooms to the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. His most recent book is Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness. In 2017 he founded Immersion Neuroscience, a software platform that allows anyone to measure what the brain loves in real-time that is used to improve outcomes in entertainment, education, advertising, and to monitor emotional wellness. He is a regular TED speaker and has appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Fox & Friends, ABC Evening News and more!

Our The Year of Joy podcast series will take your joy to the next level! We’ll be discussing one Joy Superpower each week, and I’ll be bringing in experts to share with us their own inspiring stories. From the science behind joy-inducing activities to practical tips you can use right away, it’s the perfect combination of knowledge and action that will help you live a more joyful life.

What’s more, we’ll be exploring how you can apply your newfound joy superpowers in your daily life. Whether it’s something small like a daily gratitude practice or a big change like taking up a new hobby, this podcast is here to show you how you can become well-versed in joy.

So if you’re looking for tips on how to bring more joy into your life, tune into our A Year of Joy podcast series now! With 52 weeks of joy, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you and helps make your life more joyful.

Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram at @theartandscienceofjoy as we continue to build joy throughout the year, we’d love to hear your thoughts with the hashtag #yearofjoy.

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