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Who are you? with Demetria Buie Founder of DBPublications
Episode 4019th August 2023 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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From starting a magazine to hosting conferences, Demetria Buie did not let the no's stop her. Demetria shares her personal story of overcoming homelessness, self-doubt, and personal trauma by releasing her trauma through writing her first book.

Listen to this week's episode of Creating Powerful Impact as Demetria shares how she discovered her true self and released the need to people please.

Writer Downers:

1) 7:40 Listen to the inner Voice

2) 9:22 Just get it out

3) 17:00 Who are you?

Demetria shares her 12 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur, grab your pen and be ready to write these down!

Demetria Buie is a successful entrepreneur who has overcome incredible odds to achieve her dreams. From being a high school dropout to living in a dysfunctional family in a group home, Demetria has seen it all. But with her determination and grit, she turned things around and now shares her story in "From Broken Woman to Business Woman." This book provides 12 simple steps to help readers become successful entrepreneurs and achieve their goals. Demetria is proof that anyone can succeed with hard work and a positive mindset.

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