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BIRTH OF A BRAND Part Two with Harry Handkammer
Episode 813rd November 2022 • Inside Agri-Turf • Chris Biddle
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In Part One of my conversation with Harry Handkammer we learned about the circumstances that led up to the creation of the Countax brand, (now owned by Ariens) and a successful launch to dealers in 1990.

In Part Two, Harry talks about winning a BBC Award as Business Survivor of the Year, of events turning full circle when he was able to buy Westwood, the company that threatened his survival, of building a Williams Formula One garden tractor, a JCB version, and of a Countax lawn tractor reaching 100mph on a Welsh beach.

Lastly, Harry tells how Service Dealer magazine, which I had founded in 1988, played an important role in the ongoing marketing of Countax.

(02:07) Winning Survivor of the Year Award

(05:48) Westwood full circle

(12:30) Williams Formula One garden tractor

(18:00) JCB branding

(21:45) The '100mph' garden tractor

(28:30) Sale to Ariens

(31:00) Role of Service Dealer