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Episode 42: Mental Health Problems Show Up In All Kinds Of Ways, Including Being a "Secret Alcoholic" with Rebecca Carrell
20th July 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Mental health...a topic many of us can relate to, especially since the COVID pandemic started in March, 2020.

Many of us who have been dealing with ups and downs of our mental health have also developed coping mechanisms and tactics to not have to feel pain or discomfort. What if these coping mechanisms are actually attacking our mental health and spiritual wellbeing?

Could our avoidance in dealing with the pain lead us down a journey of becoming distant with the Lord?

In today's episode, we speak with Rebecca Carrell, a woman who is far too familiar with suffering. Rebecca shares her lifelong struggle with mental health, the coping mechanisms she's used over the years and what truly helped her heal.

She teaches us that when we start to acknowledge where we're at, God opens doors that allow us to breakthrough and in turn, heal.

Discover the path that took Rebecca from overwhelmed alcoholic to the "Joyful Jesus Lover."

In this conversation, you'll hear...

-The anxious road that led Rebecca to secret alcoholism...04:30

  • Mental illness runs in Rebecca's family
  • 12 years old when she started expressing mental illness
  • Positively influenced by Episcopal church
  • Negatively influenced by moving every 3 years
  • Always trying to fit in + genetic predisposition to mental illness played biggest role in downfall of mental health
  • Became an alcoholic after high school
  • Low point came in 2009, after finding a bottle of pain killers

-Rebecca's transformative moment...13:20

  • "I did a very good job of hiding my alcoholism"
  • Luke 21:34
  • Deuteronomy 30:19
  • Journaled through the entire New Testament
  • 12 years sober

-How Rebecca handled the conflict in her soul...19:25

  • She was really good at justifying it
  • Dr. David Henderson
  • Over 90% of addicts are actually self medicating an underlying illness or condition
  • Counterfeit comfort is fleeting, temporary relief

-Tips on seeking help without feeling shame and guilt...21:55

  • Psychiatrist care, counselors and medicine
  • Journaling
  • Understanding the chemical imbalance: overproduction of glucocorticoids and adrenaline and underproduction of serotonin and dopamine

-How you may be shutting down the Lord's messages to help you...28:20

  • James 5

-Where to start in helping a loved one seek help....30:30

  • Intervention
  • Do not discount prayer
  • Maintain healthy boundaries

-How Rebecca's mental health journey has impacted her ministry...32:35

  • "God will take the thing in your life that has caused you the greatest pain and shame and turn that into your weapon of warfare"

-Rebecca's books...35:30

  • Holy Jelly Beans: Finding God through Everyday Things
  • Holy Hiking Boots: When God Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary
  • Rebecca's website

-Rebecca's biggest influences...37:00

  • Dad
  • Bible teacher named Jen Wilkin
  • Rebecca, the 'Joyful Jesus follower' - "Joy is a fruit of the spirit and not a fruit of our circumstances"

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