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Solving the Technician Shortage, Once and For All! [E076]
Episode 765th September 2022 • Chris Cotton Weekly Blitz • Chris Cotton
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I do not believe that anyone that works in the Automotive Service and Repair Industry would argue with the fact that there is a shortage of good technicians in our industry. In fact, 9 out of 10 shops that we work with today (or for that matter in our industry) need a good technician and I would also say that for 10% to 20% of those shops the lack of good technicians is a serious problem causing them to lose customers, profits and sleep.

So Why are we in this position?

That’s great Chris, Now what’s the solution?

First: We make it cool to become a technician/mechanic and we dramatically increase the pay for every technician in the industry immediately.

Second: We take $5 of the increase and make sure we have a full benefit package.

Third: We take the other $5 of the increase and join a non-profit organization that will market to the mothers and fathers out there!

Lastly, every shop owner books an appointment at a college, auto tech school or high school and ‘volunteer’ their time to talk to the students, teachers and administrators about our incredible industry.

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