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Cybersecurity Mini-Series: Security Fundamentals & “Cyber Hygiene” (Ep. 2 of 4)
Bonus Episode28th April 2020 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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“Shiny Object Syndrome” is a big issue when it comes to cybersecurity investments. That last thing you want to do is invest a lot of money into cybersecurity solutions before having a grasp on the fundamentals.

In this second installment of our cybersecurity mini-series, we’ll cover the basic steps all enterprises should take to improve cybersecurity. Umair Masud – Rockwell’s Director of Technical Security Oversight to the CISO – will walk us through the the fundamentals of cybersecurity, focusing on 3 essential pieces of a good security program: Processes, People, and Technology.

We’ll explore these fundamentals, or “cyber hygiene” as they’re often called, in the context of security programs & risk assessments, specialized cybersecutiry jobs, and a deep-dive discussion around patch management.

After you listen, forward this podcast to your company’s IT Manager or Chief Information & Security Officer. Make sure to visit for a full list of industrial security resources from Rockwell Automation. Stay Innovative, Stay Thirsty.