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The Storyteller Series - Night Shift Radio EPISODE 2, 11th May 2020


Dval, an Inkarran, has stumbled across a wrecked carriage. Inside not only the life of a girl from his sworn enemies, the Mystarrians, but also the catalyst to his new destiny.

Written by David Farland as part of the Runelord series. Learn more at DavidFarland.com

Narrator: Lauren Kaylor

Dval: Maddox Reynolds

Avahn: Laura Bernas

Dval's Uncle & Sir Bandolan The Giant: Michael Fight

Sir Gwilliam: Ivan Bakin

Wizard Goren: Mike Wyant, Jr

Knights: Kitzy, Caleb Coy, Casey Ryan

Captain Adelheim: Tim Grader

King Harril: Dave Maslyn

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