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S5 EP146: Kristine Lauria: Humanitarian Midwife + Global Midwife Director Breech Without Borders
Episode 14627th March 2024 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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I'm thrilled to introduce Kristine, an international midwife with over three decades of experience in the birth space. Kristine has dedicated her career to guiding women around the globe through their most transformative journey, offering compassion, expertise, and a profound understanding of the birthing process. 

Kristine's journey began as an apprentice midwife, working with the Amish community where home births were the norm. Witnessing birth unfold naturally, without medical intervention unless absolutely necessary, became her foundation. This early experience shaped her belief in the innate ability of women's bodies to birth, contrasting sharply with the hospital protocols she later encountered.

Her path led her to specialise in breech births. Her work with Breech Without Borders has taken her around the world, teaching birth workers to view breech birth as a natural variation that requires a nuanced approach, rather than an immediate emergency,

Kristine's approach to birth, particularly with high-risk cases, emphasises individual assessment and trust in the birthing process. Her perspective challenges the traditional medical model and offers a profound reevaluation of how we view birth. This dedication to her philosophy is evident in her work, which takes her to some of the most challenging environments, including refugee camps, where she provides the full scope of midwifery care to high-risk women. Despite encountering countless scenarios over her years of practice, Kristine remains amazed by the unpredictability of birth, recognising that anything is possible.

In today's episode, Kristine shares her insights into breech birth, offering a glimpse into its diverse manifestations and the body's remarkable ability to adapt. She also delves into her extensive experience with multiple births, including a recent triplet home birth featured on episode #143

Join me in this captivating conversation as we explore the world and mind of one of the greatest midwives of our time. 

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