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Have the courage to be happy with a strong money mindset with Tania Vasallo
Episode 317th June 2022 • Women in Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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Tania's passion is empowering women around the world to think bigger, dream bigger and manifest more than they ever dreamed possible all while creating a better relationship with money.

Tania is the founder of “The Courage To Be Happy”, a community of independent, ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to become financially empowered so that they DON’T depend on anyone else.

Since the launch of her business, with a baby in hand and working only 20 hours per week, she was able to reach the 6 figure revenue by her 4th year.

Tania is on a mission to support, inspire and teach all ambitious women entrepreneurs the mindset, tools and strategies to grow their money from an easy, practical and spiritual perspective. This way they can break away from financial dependence and instead create an empowered life of freedom.

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