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Cracking the Cold Call Code and Unleashing Sales Success with Dan Jourdan #039
Episode 3914th July 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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In this episode, Derrick talks with Dan Jourdan, a sales expert, covering various aspects of prospecting and sales success. They discuss the best time for prospecting, the effectiveness of hyper-personalized videos, the significance of embracing rejection, Dan's transition into sales coaching, and advice on cold call openers and incorporating humor. They also touch on engaging prospects, handling objections, maintaining a positive mindset, and Dan's prediction on how AI will impact sales.

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Time Stamps:

[2:50] There’s 3 days that salespeople don’t work and if you DO work you don’t have any competition…

[3:20] Why 3pm to 5pm on Fridays is the best time to prospect.

[6:50] We discuss how the biggest thing he’s doing right now with regard to prospecting is encouraging everyone to do hyper personalized videos.

[10:00] Why right now is the best time in the world to be prospecting and a story about what happened one time when Dan ignored a “No Trespassing” sign and proceeded to knock on the door.

[11:50] Dan shares his perspective on “No Goals' and embracing rejection on your way to sales success.

[13:40] Why he chose the path of sales coaching, consulting and speaking after building and selling 4 companies.

[17:48] The best cold call opener ever!

[21:00] Dan’s advice to people who aren’t good at using humor in their outreach.

[25:00] Why asking prospects what they like about their current vendor works.

[26:40] Dan’s advice on how to handle objections. He walks us through his framework.

[30:30] Dan’s 7 magic words for dealing with gatekeepers.

[35:00] How Dan maintains a positive mindset and brings high energy to every conversation.

[41:00] Dan shares his prediction on how AI will change the profession of sales.

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