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How To Change Your State Of Mind
Episode 1213th January 2020 • The Achieve Podcast • Christian Baker
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How To Change Your State Of Mind - Change Your Perspective Change Your Life

Do you ever find yourself thinking to much, stuck in your own head, or in need of a break from your own busy thoughts?

Then stay tuned as I share a very simple technique you can use anywhere and anytime!

Hi, I'm Christian Baker from sharing inspiration, motivation and encouragement to help you to think differently, develop your mindset, so you can believe in yourself more, take purposeful action and achieve the life that you want.

One of the simplest yet most effective strategy I’ve shared with my clients over the years is how they can naturally get out of their own head.

Often, we find ourselves worried, anxious, overthinking or just thinking about things at in appropriate times.

So, one way I help my clients is to share with them ways in which they can naturally get out of their own head!

There a few different ways and there’s that wonderful quote that goes “Stop and smell the flowers” and truthfully anything that helps you engage and connect to one of your senses is going to be effective.

But the one I want to share with you today is to look up more, lift your eyes of the floor and look up more.

You don’t have to walk around with your head in the air, but just find something, anything to look at, that is above your own eye level.

If you are indoors, it could be the corner of the room, you could go up to a window and look out.

Think of it as changing gears, or channels, frequency or playlists, if you don’t like what you’re currently tuned into, then change it!

When we are in own head, thinking we go into downtime, and we tend to be looking down. If the tasks at hand or your job requires that great, then that’s appropriate.

But if this isn’t needed, or you want a break from it, look up in and go into uptime and this will help you get out of your own head naturally.

Stop now and look around, look at something in nature, watch birds, clouds, look at trees, go for a walk and look around and notice all the different things around you.

You could also combine it with utilising another technique, stop, look up and take some nice comfortable focus breaths in & out.

Now I’ve brought it to your attention, you’ll probably become aware of how often you find yourself looking down. You’re not going to stop doing it. But once you become aware that you’re looking down, use this as a reminder to look up!

Think of it like headlights on a car, sometimes you need to have the beam right in front of you and other times its more helpful to lift the beam up more!

Take the time to lift your eyes off the floor and look up more and notice what a positive difference this makes to your state of mind!

Remember what your mind believes you will achieve, so think differently, believe in yourself, take action and achieve the life you want!

All the best

Christian Baker

Mindset Coach

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