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Judge a Book by Its Cover? You bet!
Episode 3217th January 2023 • Publish Your Book • D. Scott Smith, MBA
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It was sometime after college that I first dreamed of writing a book. At the time self-publishing was (unkindly) referred to as “vanity publishing”. As if it was not valid. That myth lingers today.

In 2018 I published my first book. The issue was that writing a book is a huge undertaking. In fact, it’s too big to be a goal. It’s a dream. Part of the enormity of the problem was that it was completely new territory. I had no guidance. I had to “go-it-alone”. Each step was painful.

The fourth book I published, “Influence: Creation of Credibility” was to capture my process and make it available to other entrepreneurs. I break down the process into manageable steps to make it attainable for all coaches and consultants. Being a published author has led to being a guest on other podcasts, paid speaking gigs, and signing new clients.

We talk about:

  • Publishing a book to grow your email list,
  • How your course increases your know/like/trust quotient, 
  • The secrets of accountability
  • Inspiring stories of coaches and consultants just like you
  • How to download my outlines for the book, course, and 12-week timeline.

In this episode: There are several key elements to consider when designing your book cover for a digital book sold on Amazon:

  • Visibility: The cover should be easily visible and legible at small sizes, as it will often be displayed as a thumbnail on Amazon's website.
  • Branding: The cover should be consistent with your brand and style.
  • Contrast: The cover should have a high contrast design, with clear and distinct text and images, to make it stand out among other book covers.
  • Relevance: The cover should be relevant to the book's content and genre, as it will help attract the right audience for the book.
  • Text: The book title, your name and subtitle should be prominently displayed and easy to read.
  • Images: Your cover should have an image that is relevant to the content and be eye-catching and visually interesting.
  • Format: The cover should be the correct size and format for Amazon's digital book platform. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) will provide the specifications you need to either design the cover yourself, or have an artist do it for you.
  • Mobile: The cover should look good on mobile devices as well as desktop, as many people will be browsing and buying books on their smartphones.
  • Reviews: Once you get reviews, you can add them to your cover by updating the cover of your book. You’ll want to plan ahead if you want to do this. Design the cover is way that will allow you to add or substitute the reviews for another element.
  • Bestseller: Of course, WHEN your book becomes a bestseller, you can include a bestseller badge or label on the cover.




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