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February 15th 2023
Episode 1415th February 2023 • Market Movers Daily • Market Movers
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  • US Inflation Stays Elevated, Adding Pressure for More Fed Hikes
  • Burger King Parent Co Posts Strong Fourth Quarter
  • Coca-Cola Revenue Rises in Fourth Quarter, Fueled by Higher Prices
  • Amazon’s Self-Driving Car Shuttles People on Public Roads for the First Time
  • New Cars Are Only for the Rich Now as Automakers Rake in Profits


  • Ford Cutting 3,800 Jobs as EV Shift Shrinks German, UK Workforce
  • Walmart to Close Three Tech Hubs.
  • Big Tech Bets on Livestream Shopping
  • AMD is Set to Dominate the Semiconductor Industry
  • US Companies Resist Proposed Ban on Non-Compete Clauses

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