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Prayer 2021 - January 15 - Do You Only Pray When In Trouble?
Episode 1515th January 2021 • Prayer 2021 • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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Scripture of the Day:   

Jonah 2:1

“From inside the fish, Jonah prayed to the Lord his God…”

 Do You Only Pray When in Trouble?

Most people are familiar with this story. God had commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh, the NYC of its day and proclaim that Judgement was coming and coming soon. 

Jonah did not want to do that because he knew that, if they repented, God would not destroy the city (the Bible does not say “HOW” Jonah knew this, but it was evident he did). IF that happened, it wasn’t just that Jonah would have sparked repentance in the city of Nineveh, Nineveh was HATED by the Jews. They were like Iran is today to Christians. OK?

He would rather see God destroy the entire land and its people for all that they had to Israel. He did not want to even give them a shred of a chance at repentance. So – he went in the complete opposite direction! Amen!

Ultimately, Jonah was tossed over-board from the ship he was on, once it was determined it was his fault for the ship being in jeopardy. Jonah was ok with that, too! You can tell from the conversation in scriptures. 

He basically had the attitude that, “I’ll be dead and ushered into paradise…and Nineveh and all of it’s inhabitants will still not have a chance to repent and God will still destroy that wicked place! That’s good all the way around!”

But – God had a plan. 

The question I have for you is this…

Do you only pray to God when you are in trouble? I know a lot of people like that. When all hell breaks loose around them, then they call…”Can you pray for me?”

Folks, do not be like Jonah. Pray every single day. That is what this teaching series is all about – to bring you into a closer, deeper relationship with God through prayer. Amen!

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