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Using Creativity to Support Community
Episode 1030th May 2022 • In Our Words • University Of Wisconsin Extension
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Rajon Hall talks with Dasha Kelly-Hamilton, a writer, performance artist, curator, facilitator, and owner of Stillwater Collective and Officer KC Brown, a 14-year experienced police officer from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, as well as the founder of Life Enforcement, a volunteer project that focuses on leading by example and taking care of those in the community through selfless acts of kindness. 

Dasha and KC share their sincerity and inspiration. 


03:53 And that was something that resurfaced once I got into and through college, as something I leaned into, I built community around, I found that it turns out, that's really where my work is. Between that and working with young people, I've given myself permission to be surprised, while also having a plan. Finding that balance of allowing the world, allowing life to guide me, but not exactly wandering through life. That's a balance of confidence. It's a balance of falling down.

15:12 We may not have worked out the way I would have planned initially. But at the end of the day, I ended up exactly where I wanted to be. And I'm really blessed and happy to really focus on my passion right now, which is taking care of the community and taking care of those around me.

24:11 In terms of balance, the problem that I had originally is when you start a nonprofit or start anything, you want to get support, and you want to tell other people about what you got going on.

25:08 I call that instead of having business, you had “busyness”.

47:07  And I've really moved into after this career of work, of seeing so many people in so many different ways, step into themselves by stepping out of the box of logic, it's still a wisdom, and it's not for things to not make sense. It's just allowing that things might make sense in ways that you don't anticipate, and that is the gift of being alive


Rajon Hall, MSW - Podcast Host and Real Estate Agent 

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Dasha Kelly-Hamilton (Still Waters Collective - MKE)

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KC Brown (Police Veteran and Non-profit Founder - FDL)

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