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Alejandro Tecum & Suraya Arslan - Adelante Mujeres
Episode 228th September 2022 • Farm Answers • Center for Farm Financial Management
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Betty Berning is joined by Suraya Arlslan and Alejandro Tecum of Adelante Mujeres, part of the Washington Organic Sustainable Alliance. Adelante Mujeres offers programming to Spanish-speaking farmers in various ways, including traditional classes, in-the-field training, mentorship, and conferences. One of the unique facets of this group is that all programming is offered in Spanish to reach their audience best. Their group even inspired a young woman to come to the farm rather than go to the beach with her family!


Increasing the Sustainability of First and Next Generation Minority Farmers [Progress Report on Farm Answers]

Adelante Mujeres (Español) [website]

Adelante Mujeres (English) [website]

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@AdelanteMujeres [Instagram]

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