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Will a robot steal your job? Talking HR Disruptive Tech with Devyani Vaishampayan #013
Episode 1319th November 2019 • The HR L&D Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Will a robot steal your job? Talking HR Disruptive Tech with Devyani Vaishampayan #013

Nick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Devyani Vaishampayan to discuss the question "Will a robot steal your job?".  Devyani is uniquely positioned to answer this question as she is the Managing Partner of the HR TECH Partnership, a People Tech Investment venture whose investors are all senior Non- Executive / Corporate Directors.   The HR TECH Partnership run Human Capital Digital Innovation Hubs which help corporates/HR teams learn and experiment around the ‘Future of Work’.

Devyani has been an International and multi-sector Group CHRO and board member responsible for leading large, diverse and multi-billion complex organizations through transformational change. She has held global roles in successful organizations across various industries such as Citibank, AT&T, British Gas, Rolls Royce and Petronas. Having lived and worked in China, Singapore and Europe (and managed teams in the Americas & Middle East) she is very international in her outlook.

Devyani is considered a Thought Leader around the Future of Work and blends a unique perspective of digital innovation/investment along with the practical perspective of a practitioner, so if you have any interest in how the technology will affect the future of the HR profession to know if "a robot will steal your job", then you will want to listen to this episode!

In this "Achieving Productivity Gains in Business" episode of the HR L&D Podcast with Mark Struczewski we discover:

* How are HR teams using AI leading-edge technologies?

* Is a robot going to steal your job?

* Why is technology getting so important today?

* Which aspects of HR are getting more disrupted?

* Which other trends are going to change the nature of the workforce?

* So what should HR professionals be doing?

* What does  the HR Tech investment fund do?

* What is a Human Capital Digital Innovation Hub?

* What are the stresses and strains HR departments are facing and how can technology help?

To find out more about Mark Struczewski and the links referred to in this "Achieving Productivity Gains in Business" episode are highlighted below:

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