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S5 Ep6 Poetic Research
Episode 613th April 2022 • It's going to be all write • NMBU Writing Centre
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There are more ways to conduct and communicate research than merely reporting experimental results.

Kerime Opijnen is a recent Ms. Sc. graduate from Lunds University and she shares her experiences using poetry and creative writing as a research format in this episode. Her work focuses on The Power of Poetry to bridge gaps between human rights and environmental devastation in the Niger Delta and oil consumers in the Netherlands. Kerime was kind enough to discuss the role that poetry and creative writing can take as a research method, as a writing form for Master's research, and why non-standard research and writing have value for people across the world.

Show Note: Clayton asked Kerime to share some additional information about some of the positive work being done in the Niger Delta by activists. Here is what she said:

"When I spoke to Nnimmo Bassey, he was in Port Harcourt in the heart of the Niger Delta. He was there to visit polluted location and the places where contamination is being cleaned up. Particularly in Ogoniland, the clean-up process has started, which in Bassey's eyes vindicates the work and position of Ken Saro Wiwa who was assassinated in 1995. Bassey said that, to him, this clean-up is "a sign that, no matter who has suffered in the past and no matter what was done in the past, one day truth will prevail." Bassey also spoke about the hope that took from the took from the judgements in the Hague and also a recent UK Supreme Court ruling which held Shell accountable for environmental damages."


Kerime's Thesis:  

Rob Nixon's book Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor:

Social Science Research Council - What is activist research?:

This is an English article about the Dutch court case which Kerime also talked about:

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A.D. Carson, Ph.D - Seth mentioned A.D. Carson's successful Ph.D. Album thesis: