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TCA Ep1063: Joshua O'Connor Is The Man Behind "Behind The R" With The Ottawa REDBLACKS Of The CFL
2nd February 2023 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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TCA is stoked to welcome you inside one of the most enjoyable episodes of the podcast we've ever done as Matt Robinson is joined in studio by Joshua O'Connor of the Ottawa REDBLACKS video team.

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Behind The R is a first-of-it's-kind production in the Canadian football League as you get access to the moments and personalities that make the Ottawa REDBLACKS tick. Joshua O'Connor is the man who had the vision for it all and is now tasked with putting it all together.

We brought him in to the studio to ask what kind of push back he received in trying to make this a reality, how players and staff around the organization handled the idea of being mic'ed up for months at a time, which moments were a little too real to include in the series and whether or not this project has raised the bar for the rest of the CFL in terms of access that fans should expect.

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