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Goal Setting and Creating a Plan That Works
Episode 3925th December 2023 • Entering The Inspiration Zone • Juliette Mayers
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It's natural to aspire to accomplish a lot in life. People that are most successful at making it happen, on the other hand, usually have defined goals and an action plan for accomplishing them. In this episode, Juliette talks about goal setting so you can be ready for 2024. She explains how and why planning is a key part of what she does as a business executive who specializes in DEI strategy, brand management, and thought leadership.

Juliette offers some insight into the success framework she uses – Dream, Plan, Create, Achieve while also providing excellent questions to ask oneself in order to facilitate productive goal planning. Find out how you can be SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time bound) when setting goals. Tune in to learn how to build and manage your network more efficiently, commit to constant learning, measure progress, and continue to grow.


02:45 When I think about goal setting and why people keep asking me questions about it, I think it's because they look at all that I do. And usually I'll get comments like, "How on earth do you achieve so much? How can you possibly do all of these things?" Do you not sleep is one of the common questions. And to be quite candid, there are times every now and then, I may get a little overwhelmed. And I pause and I take a look at my goals. And I get back on track.

05:32 When we talk about Dream, it's really about creating what is that personal vision -- your grand vision. You've heard me say that before. What is it that you want to achieve? And I say personal very intentionally, because some of you may be thinking, "Well, my goals may be business goals that I'm focused on right now." And you also need to apply how does that apply to you from a personal standpoint.

07:17 So, the second component of that Dream, Plan, Create, Achieve is Plan. And as it relates to goal setting, it really is about creating a roadmap for yourself and making sure that that roadmap is constructed with goals and specific initiatives or tactics that support your grand vision.

09:57 The third component is Create. Right? Dream, Plan, Create, Achieve. And as it relates to goal setting, this is really about developing and effectively managing your network, your tribe, your village, whatever it is that you think you need to support. So, it's the people part of your objective.

12:16 Achieving is the attainment of your personal, professional, or business goals. It's not a destination. But it's a process of continuously monitoring and cultivating the networks that you have and the relationships that you have to be able to support and sustain whatever it is that you've achieved.


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