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Bonus Episode3rd August 2023 • The Reading Cure • Dr Steven Davies
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In this thought-provoking bonus episode, Alex and Steven journey through the landscapes of Alexander Payne's 2013 film, "Nebraska." Join them as they navigate the complex world of Woody, a character on a quest that speaks to universal human experiences. Topics discussed include:

  • Woody is on a determined quest to claim his million dollars in the promised land of Nebraska. What kind of quest is this? Is there a sense in which we are all on a quest like Woody?
  • How do we understand what we could call Woody's 'gullibility'? Is it a sign of incipient dementia or more to do with him being a decent person who innocently trusts others to keep their word in what is, in reality, a mendacious world?
  • This movie, in many ways, is about family. What does it say about marriage, about the relationship between parents and their children, and between siblings and wider relations? In particular, how do Woody and David, as father and son, come closer together as they go on their journey?
  • Woody seems to have been a guy hollowed out by his inability to say 'no' to helping people out. What does the movie say about altruism and about people's gratitude?

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