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Falls Prevention and Acceptable Interventions with Professor Kim Delbaere
Episode 3531st May 2022 • ACE - Aged Care Enrichment • SilVR Adventures Pty Ltd
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Today’s episode is all about falls. Falls are one of the most prevalent and challenging risks that older adults face and addressing them, needs consideration of a wide array of risk factors. From physical and mental health, to environment, and as we learn in this interview – even what you’re thinking about.

Our guest is Professor Kim Delbaere from UNSW and Neuroscience Research Australia or NEURA. Her work focuses on understanding the factors that can lead to falls among older adults and finding out, what she calls "acceptable interventions”.

Kim is also the President of the Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society and has been instrumental in the creation of new tools for falls prevention such as the app Standing Tall (which you can learn more about at

As always you can hear Daniella and Maurie’s take and thoughts about these ideas in their show Who Cares? which is released every Friday.

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