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How to Get EdTech Organized This Summer
20th June 2022 • GotTechED the Podcast • Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
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GotTechED the Podcast 

Episode #114:  How to Get EdTech Organized This Summer

Welcome back to GotTechED the podcast this is Episode 114 called “How to Get EdTech Organized This Summer”   In this episode, we’ll share 11 tips for organizing your files, emails, and everything else digital.  We’ll also take a look at some summertime edtech PD for the 2022 summer season.  This is another episode you don’t want to miss, check it out.

Segment 1: Summer PD

It’s not too late to get out and join some great summertime PD

Segment 2:  11 Tips for Getting EdTech Organized   8:00

What do you do with your free time in the summer?  Finally might have some time to get edtech organized …

  1. Clean up your Google Drive
  2. Log-in via Chrome browser, not desktop app
  3. Start by taking limiting your folders, have no more than 10, put folders in folders if you have more
  4. Search by file size and date to delete old things you haven’t looked at in years
  5. Color-code your folders (right click and change color)     14:40 internet drop?
  6. NEW - You can now Ctrl+C Ctrl+V and Ctrl+X to cut copy and paste drive files
  7. Add an asterisk for important files and folders, keeping them at the top of your list
  8. Edtech
  9. Duplicate File Finder
  10. Google Checker Plus
  11. Folgo
  12. Take stock of your hardware - ask for what you might need  22:00
  13. Second monitor?
  14. Webcam?
  15. Tablet for digital writing and drawing?
  16. Wireless mouse?
  17. Docking station?
  18. Chargers?
  19. Class sets of headphones, chargers, etc?
  20. Create an EdTech Playlist for next year’s students
  21. On a google doc, list out all the tech and skills that students need to have in your class
  22. For me: Screencastify, typing equations, calculator use,, etc.
  23. Gamify it with some challenges and competitions
  24. Build this into your first day of school activities 
  25. Create Gmail Templates for the upcoming school year
  26.  First, turn on the feature in Advanced Settings.  Then write the email, click the 3 dots, and Save as Template. 
  27. Where are you with your passwords?
  28. Use a third party password saving service like
  29. Lastpass
  30. Make a handwritten list to keep on file at your home
  31. Start a class website that houses everything your students need
  32. Google Sites is easiest to use and get going
  33. Check your local hard drive storage
  34. In Windows, select the Start Button, System, Storage.  This will give you a look at how much free space you have.  Toggle on storage sense to manage it if you’re running low.
  35. If you’re low, consider moving stuff over to your cloud storage drive
  36. Clean up that desktop, delete, use folders, only keep things that you actively use on a regular basis
  37. Delete your downloads folder or clear the recycle bin
  38. Manage your browser bookmarks
  39. Click and drag them to change positions, move the most commonly used ones to the far left
  40. Can create folders of related bookmarks for different projects
  41. Challenge - try and get all bookmarks visible on one screen without having to use the drop-down overflow menu
  42. Manage Your Extensions
  43. At top of Chrome browser click the little puzzle piece and click on manage extensions.  
  44. Click Update or Remove ones you dont use
  45. Extensity is a great extension that can turn them off or on as needed
  46. Organize your Gmail account
  47. Start using labels!
  48. Start Archiving old ones you haven’t looked at
  49. If you have an overflowing inbox, make the unread emails appear at the top.  Go to Settings, Inbox Tab, and change Inbox Type to Unread First
  50. Change the display settings to work for you.  Click the Cog and Display Density (choose from Default, Comfortable, or Compact)
  51. Putting hashtags in your emails can make them quickly searchable later
  52. Start Snoozing emails you know you won’t get to until later
  53. Take advantage of Google Calendar
  54. Use the checkboxes under My Calendars to toggle on and off which types of events you see
  55. Click the plus sign under Other Calendars to create your own calendars
  56. Chrome Extension
  57. calendly

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