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Memento (2001)
Episode 628th February 2021 • Film Trace • Film Trace
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Before Nolan became a film bro deity, he made a little neo-noir film about a guy who can't remember anything. Well, as Nolan would say, it's a lot more complicated than that. Memento is a milestone for many reasons. It kickstarted Nolan's career. It is one of the best noir films made outside the golden age. Memento was also a huge triumph for indie filmmaking. Shot for under 5 million and produced for under 10 million in total by a complete nobody, Memento sat next to Fight Club in every 20-something male's dvd collection. 

Our resident Nolan critic, Molly, joins us to dissect a film that hit us hard as young adults. But does it still pack the same punch?

Join us as we trace the life of Memento from conception (road trip storytime) to production (The Valley in Cinescope) to release (minor success) to reception (critical hit becomes frat hall cult film)




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