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The Sacred Intention Of Tobacco w/ Andrew Edmonds
Episode 327th December 2020 • The Sovereign Medicine Podcast • Dan Strelan
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In Episode 3, Dan and Andrew Edmonds enlighten us to the true intention of tobacco - as a powerful shamanic plant medicine teacher.

Used and abused by Westerners since the time of Columbus, diluted and prostituted by corporate greed and loaded with chemicals by those with sinister agendas, the tobacco found in pouches (with the exception of Manitou) is a far cry from the wild, sacred tobacco carried by Shamans on the American continent.

Traditionally, tobacco is smoked to carry prayer and intention, and to cleanse as we do with sage. For the deep diver, you can commune with the powerful masculine spirit of tobacco in sacred ceremony, which is a key part of Andrew’s work as a healer.

In terms of ground shaking internal shifts, cleansing ancestral lines and aligning with your soul blueprint, the power of tobacco is unparalleled. However, it is an ordeal medicine, it’s uncomfortable and not for the faint hearted. Ultimately, it can serve as a path to Enlightenment. Tobacco will remove the obstacles and make the path clear. Then you must walk it.

Who Is Andrew Edmonds?

Andrew is a Shamanic Healer - a Tabaquero Curandero (Tobacco Shaman), trained in the lineage of Ernesto Garcia under Tess Noah in Peru. Andrew first connected with the true 'Spirit of Tobacco' in 2017 in a plant dieta (shamanic plant diet). In a dream, he had a vision of serving this medicine in his community. The calling to undergo the necessary initiation process was strong and he didn't waste any time in responding to the call.

Previously, Andrew trained in the Reiki and Ashati schools of energy healing, and also practiced as a Personal Trainer. Earlier in life, Andrew had a corporate career which he left to pursue his soul calling as a healer, which revealed itself as he unlocked his own energy body and followed his intuitive knowing and the nudges from Spirit.

Andrew holds a variety of ceremonies, group meditations and 1:1 sessions in his healing space on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

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