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Let's Talk Freight Tech, Startuplife, & Leadership- Part 1- Sarah-Barnes Humphrey, CEO of SHIPZ
Episode 152nd October 2020 • TECHquila Sunrise • Supply Chain Now
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In this episode of TECHquila Sunrise, Greg welcomes Sarah Barnes-Humphrey to the show! Sarah shares how she moved from the family business, to supply chain thought-leader, to Freight Tech founder and reveals how work ethic & reality TV help her succeed. Listen UP!

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is CEO of SHIPZ and you may also know her as the host of Let’s Talk Supply Chain. Supply chain is in her blood. From an entrepreneurial family building a shipping company, logistics was the topic at the dinner table, then Sarah spend 20 years of her career helping to build that company, in operations, sales and marketing. Sarah is on the list of Top 100 Women Leaders in Supply Chain globally and in Canada. A constant thought-leader in supply chain and good friend. I’ve known Sarah for over a year now and I’m working with her and the team at SHIPZ as they come out of stealth mode. 

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