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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 128, 23rd November 2020
Pod 128: Fan and Futurist Theo Priestly
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Pod 128: Fan and Futurist Theo Priestly

Theo Priestly is a much sought after writer, speaker, and an authority on predicting and planning for the future in society, technology, and business. He's also a fan of science fiction and the worlds of Gerry Anderson. In this chat with Jamie, he remembers watching Space: 1999, Joe 90, and Thunderbirds. Plus addressing FAB Facts, a First Action Bureau announcement, the return of a beloved segment, and Chris Dale's Randomiser!

01:07 Introducing Sir Jackie James

05:05 FAB Facts

12:23 FAB Listener Tweets

15:25 The Gerry Anderson Newsy News News News

21:52 Podsteron Facebook Group Questions for Jamie

28:43 Theo Priestly - Part One

50:37 Getting a Jump on Listener Emails

57:22 Chris Dale would like to show you some puppets on this week's Randomiser

01:34:37 Wrapping things up

Links Mentioned

Theo's Official Website and Twitter

Subscribe to First Action Bureau

Space: 1999 and UFO Merch from Sixteen12

Des O'Connor's Stingray Sketch

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