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Significance of rituals, with Nynke Voss
Episode 1725th October 2023 • I'm Back! • Serena Savini
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Serena talks with Nynke Voss, a Ritual Designer, Facilitator, and Co-Founder of Community Rituals in this insightful episode.

They discuss the significance of rituals in our daily lives, exploring their importance in both personal and professional contexts. Nynke shares her indigenous roots and how they influence her work. They delve into the challenges of creating rituals in Western society and highlight the benefits they offer. From the role of community to the power of dance, Serena and Nynke provide practical advice for embracing rituals in our routines and workplaces.

This episode prompts listeners to explore the transformative potential of rituals in their own lives.

Nynke Voss on LinkedIn.