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An SEO Panel with Dixon Jones: OLD GUARD versus NEW BLOOD - Majestic.com EPISODE 13, 3rd February 2021
How to use SEO to Serve Audience Intent
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How to use SEO to Serve Audience Intent

It’s all well and good being able to drive organic traffic from the SERP, but what if the visitor doesn’t find exactly what they’re looking for on your site? The chances are that they’ll bounce and search engines may not think that your web page provides the most relevant result.

On this panel we discuss how to determine exactly what your organic visitors are looking for and how to use SEO to serve that intent, giving you a great opportunity to maintain your rankings over the long term.

Your Panellists

Imogen Davies, SEO Account Director, Found

Jenny Halasz, President & Founder, JLH Marketing

Natalie Mott, Freelance SEO Consultant