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Using Data to Change Public Perception with Jonathan Greenblatt
Episode 512th August 2021 • Leading With Data • Jason Dorsey
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Welcome to Leading with Data, the podcast from Molecula that brings you conversations with leading voices in data and management.

In this episode, we speak to Jonathan Greenblatt, who tells us about his incredible entrepreneurial career and his current role as the CEO of the oldest anti-hate organization in the world, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Jonathan joined our host, Jason Dorsey, to discuss the ADL’s incredible data resources and how that has helped them take an empirical approach to drive policy change. He shares his thoughts about dealing with a "tyranny of data," instilling a culture of innovation, and what he believes are core values every leader needs.

Find out about:

  • The work of the ADL in securing justice and fair treatment for all
  • Taking up the helm the same week Donald Trump announced his candidacy
  • His success in the business world in buying, scaling, and selling companies
  • His transition into the non-profit world
  • What Jonathan believes is at the root of his success
  • His belief in the servant leadership ethos

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