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28. Save Planning Time by Creating Teaching Templates
Episode 2824th June 2022 • Equipping ELLs • Beth Vaucher, ELL, ESL Teachers
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How great would it be if you could “plug and play” your lessons and resources next school year? Well, you can and I’m here to show you how creating templates can save you precious time!

Planning lessons, creating activities, tracking data, meetings, duties - the list of tasks for teachers goes on and on! Good news! I’m sharing a way to save time and energy in your prep and planning. Today, I am talking about 4 templates you can create this summer to streamline your lesson planning, make creating activities quicker and less stressful, and help you better support your students from multiple grade levels. Want these templates already started for you to make your summer prep even easier? Sign up for the FREE ESL Teacher Toolkit.

We are continuing our summer giveaway inside of the Facebook Group so be sure to join and complete this week's task of setting up your templates! Also, I am so excited to share that I have an upcoming webinar all about how to cut your lesson planning time in half when you’re teaching ELLs and I can’t wait to share more tips like this with you there!

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