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IX: Changing the Game with Wendy Mink
16th June 2022 • The Feisty Women's Performance Podcast • Sara Gross, PhD
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TODAY IS THE DAY! We are overwhelmed with excitement to share the first episode of our limited Title IX series. This week, Haley Chura - co-host of Ironwomen - interviews the renowned Wendy Mink. Wendy is a professor of politics, women's and gender studies, as well as the daughter of the very first woman of color in congress - Patsy Mink. Patsy was the co-author of the Title IX legislation and paved the way for women's participation in sports.

Wendy shares her mother's journey and the reasons that prompted her to fight for change. Haley and Wendy discuss what Title IX was created for, and they give us the groundwork for the rest of the series.

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