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Ep. 78 “Don't Sugar Coat Your Diet” - The Power Of Sugar + Finding Every Piece Of The Health Puzzle With Holistic Health Coach Jess Suchan
Episode 7831st October 2017 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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It's that time of year again ALMOST30NATION. Booze, cookies, candy, holiday craziness in general ... the temptations ARE REAL. That's why we brought in JESSICA SUCHAN, LA Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach, to save us (and our booty's) from falling off the wagon this holiday season. Not only is this episode going to help navigate you through the next few months, but Jess (of Body Bliss by Jess) is all about navigating you through your food journey, emotionally, physically, spiritually, scientifically, etc. AKA you're gonna need a notebook. Maybe two.

If you remember one of our OG Guests, Hormone Queen + Expert, Candace Burch, is actually the mother of Miss Jessica Suchan. Body Bliss Coaching definitely runs in their fam bam. But Jess had a long and unique story on her road to being a health coach. Because her family was health-oriented from the get-go (we're talking buying almond milk before anyone even knew that existed), it was engraved in her brain being active and eating well. It wasn't until high school when she quit sports and continued to eat the junk food she had been consuming for years, that she started going down an unhealthy path with food. In order to loose weight, she restricted herself, binging on the weekends, saving up to buy "the ab belt", and weight loss pills. When Jess got to college, everything just escalated.

Her story continues with ...

  • Jess's first job out of college as a nutrition coach for an extremely restricting weight loss company, while she was still dealing with her own demons

  • LOSING + GAINING 40 POUNDS several different times

  • being surrounded by a family that was 100% dedicated to a restricting diet

  • how RESENTMENT was a key part of her battle with food

  • the word "DIET" versus "LIFESTYLE"

  • moving to LA with a "Devil Wears Prada" boss, triggering her former habits, feeling sick and exhausted all of the time

  • how her stressful + unhealthy lifestyle in LA caused constant migraines + how a program for ending migraines saved her life

  • her 3AM OPIPHANY for becoming a HEALTH COACH + quitting her crazy media job

  • "90% of diets fail" - because it's a "quick fix"

  • how EVERYTHING - food, relationships, home life, jobs, self-care - is a piece of the puzzle to create a healthy life

  • "SUGAR COATING YOUR LIFE" - the biological addicting power of sugar

  • what happens when you DON'T eat sugar?

  • THE COMPARISON GAME - it's twisted, it's nasty, and it's not okay