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The Creative Tactics of Old-School Advertising, Turning to AI for Success, The Power of Revers Psychology, Creating Your Own Luck, Ad Placement
Episode 17021st April 2023 • Neville Medhora Talks Copywriting • Neville Medhora
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On this episode of Neville Medhora Talks Copywriting, we learn that luck is something that can be created and increased. He shares tips on how to build luck by attracting like-minded people and going to places where successful people gather. They also discuss the benefits of Philips Hue Lights, a product that he is a big fan of, having around 85 connected devices throughout their house. The podcast covers various topics including scaling a business, the use of AI tools in writing and using reverse psychology in advertising. Finally, listeners are invited to think about luck as a unit of measure and the circumstances that influence it. Tune in to learn more about these fascinating topics!

[00:00:22] Crayola ad; ways to scale - code, media, product, people. AI trends.

[00:01:01] Scaling equals more money. Use code or media to scale. Software companies are valuable due to instant and low-cost product delivery. Media is another way to scale.

[00:02:39] Using AI and dividing tasks can increase productivity and reduce the need for managing many people in a business process. Avis' reverse psychology ad campaign focused on being the second-best rental car company.

[00:03:32] Avis used their second-place status to create a positive image by promising to be nicer than the number one rental car company, Hertz. This tactic was similar to a billboard comical rivalry between late-night TV show hosts.

[00:04:18] A person loves Philips Hue Lights, uses them exclusively, and has many connected devices in their home.

[00:04:54] The writer uses an internet switch to control multiple Philips Hue lights with a single button press, making it easy to change the vibe of a room or house. They prefer using buttons over voice control.

[00:05:36] Nev uses Phillips Hue to create colorful lighting for work calls, and reflects on the concept of luck.

[00:06:14] Luck can be measured as units, but circumstances cannot be added to increase luck.

[00:07:19] Creating luck involves beating others and sharing thoughts with like-minded individuals. Go to places with successful people. Key takeaways: you can create and build luck; creating more units of luck leads to increased luck.

[00:07:55] Experimenting with personal ad placements on, showing two new ad boxes for Canva-made ads in the fifth and 12th spots on the site. Copywriting Course link has received 85 clicks so far.