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64 | Creating Organizational Cultures Of Courage with Jayne Warrilow and Daniel Edds
Episode 649th August 2021 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast this week is Daniel Edds. For 25 years, Dan has been a practicing management consultant. He is the author of 2 books, his most recent is titled, Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership, Cracking the code of sustainable team performance. This book demonstrates how elite organizations are revolutionizing the practice of leadership, transforming the world of work, and setting new standards for employee engagement and customer value. In his consulting practice, Dan helps senior leaders design high-impact cultures of courageous and engaged employees.

In today’s episode, Dan shares his own leadership journey and the experiences that catalyzed his thinking and work into a systemic perspective. He talks with a rare passion about our potential for change as humans, and how leadership when implemented as a system, changes everything for the better.

Listen in as we discuss why systemic leadership is so important to the future of business, not to mention shaping a better world for us all. Dan shares his wealth of experience from the state penitentiary working with inmates to the leaders of large corporate organizations, he talks about being amazed at the human capacity to transform. Dan shares what he has learned about high-performing organizations, what makes the difference that truly matters to all stakeholders including the daily life of the employees. This was a fascinating conversation for me to feel the resonance emerging between us, how our work has been similar in many ways, yet also different.

If you are interested in business as a force for good, if you are a leader or work with them in any capacity or you simply want to help make the world a better place, I think you’ll enjoy Dan’s insights.

Key Takeaways

  • How to create high performance in organizational life
  • How leadership needs to be viewed as a system
  • The potential for change that exists right now, at this moment in time
  • Why leadership is important when it comes to changing the world
  • Dan’s final words of wisdom and advice for what we can do to help make change where it is needed.

Memorable Quote

“ What would happen to profitability if every leader understood that their job was to protect, to value their customers and their people above their own existence? ” - Daniel Edds

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