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LeftFoot - Fresh Conversations on the Business of Law - Nicole Giantonio 16th June 2016
12: Be a Connector with Nick Araco of Drinker Biddle and the CFO Alliance
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12: Be a Connector with Nick Araco of Drinker Biddle and the CFO Alliance

Learn the Power of Listening: 

Nicole chats with Nick Araco Sr. Director of Growth Strategies and Business Development at Drinker Biddle, and CEO of the CFO Alliance.

Strengths/habits that have led to success: In this ever-changing noisy environment where time is the asset everyone is managing – be a qualified connector and break through the noise the C suite operates in.

Growth strategy: Position yourself as a trusted connector and your clients and prospective clients will come to you for advice and counsel – even outside your area of expertise and technical background.

Tactical best practices: Create meaningful dialogue – spend time learning what the firm does, how it’s delivered, and what it means to the clients you serve.

Success story: To assist a highly respected lawyer in the corporate and securities world, Nick identified a dedicated business development director to go deep from a focus perspective. After meeting a firm client, a PE firm. After evaluating the firm’s investment criteria, he used his Rolodex to bring potential origination opportunities to this client. He also put a process in place to meet regularly to review the PE firm’s origination objectives. The client recognized this effort beyond the billable project – and subsequently exposed this individual to additional opportunities within their portfolio companies.

Millennial, Mobile, Global: Talk to clients about their business – not to get work but to learn what’s happening today and into the future.

Enjoy about work: Nick believes in the power of people. Building confidence in people’s decisions through connector relationships.

Last word: Be authentic; use the information at your disposal to be more effective; and recognize that marketing and business development is not static. Stay connected with peers, seek training and use the information available to you.

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