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Trailer7th January 2023 • Think It Be It • John Mitchell and Kelly Hatfield
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Kelly Hatfield:

Welcome to Think It, Be It, the podcast. Our podcast is based on one idea, life is precious. And surprisingly, there's a way to play the game of life at your full potential, rather than at 10 to 20%, as most people do. It's by rewiring your autopilot so you can experience the ultimate goal, living the exceptional life. I'm Kelly Hatfield.

John Mitchell:

And I'm John Michell. In our opinion, the exceptional life is a combination of three things, making a substantial income, having control over your health, and having great relationships, especially a great romantic relationship with your significant other. If you're a driven person and feel the scarcity of time to create the life you want, you're gonna love this podcast seriously. We're gonna give you a tangible way to create your exceptional life. In our podcast, you'll learn the one thing that once we learned it, our lives were never the same. It caused my own income to go up by 25 times over the 200 to 300,000 hours a year I'd made the prior 20 years. And what caused that came from the top book in the world on success, Think and Grow Rich. Here it is. 95% of your daily actions are unconscious. Let me say that again. 95% of your daily actions are unconscious. Therefore, you don't consciously control your daily actions. Yet, they're the very thing that determines your success in each area of your life. You only control your intentions. Just think about that for a moment. So if your success comes down to your daily actions, and 95% of your daily actions are unconscious, if you're not controlling those unconscious daily actions, hey, you're playing the game of life way below your potential, like 10 to 20% of your potential. You fix that by rewiring your autopilot takes 12 minutes a day. Then the right actions have an automatically without thinking, what a game changer.

Kelly Hatfield:

And here's something to appreciate. Everyone has a fundamental problem that we have to overcome. We're all innately wired for survival. And what that means is when you open your eyes each morning, you're on autopilot most of the day, innately wired to be fear based, negative and reactive. And think about that. It's exactly the opposite of how you need to be if you want to be productive, creative and happy. That's what causes you to play the game of life, it tended 20% of your potential

John Mitchell:

for the driven person whose identity is playing to their full potential. Boy, that's a big problem. In think about the podcast, you'll learn how to play the game of life at 100% of your potential by applying the science of the human mind to leverage yourself, you'll learn how to control your autopilot rather than having your autopilot controlling you. In this podcast, you'll learn that our 12 minute and a technique impacts your life in three ways. First, you're focused only on what moves the needle, all distractions fall by the wayside. Second, you triple your discipline. Now you can do those key habits you couldn't do before. And third, you have a level of control over your life beyond what you've ever experienced before. You can then just do things you can't do today. And they're happening automatically without thinking truly a superpower.




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