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Pangeaseed Foundation: Giving Oceans a Voice through ARTivism with Tré Packard
Episode 1713rd May 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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As much as we tend to separate ourselves from other species, human beings are animals too. Our natural ecosystems support all of us, not just the whales or the polar bears we want to save, and the only way we can sustain our lives and our health on this planet is if the planet is alive and healthy. Today’s episode centers around an incredible organization that is doing important work at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans. Led by Founder and Executive Director, Tré Packard, The PangeaSeed Foundation is an international nonprofit organization that seeks to raise awareness and create positive change using what they call ‘ARTivism’. Tré is a renowned public art curator and award-winning environmental photographer who marries art and activism to cultivate a new era in marine conservation and, in today’s episode, he shares some of the groundbreaking work that PangeaSeed has done with artists like Shepard Fairey and Nychos to raise awareness about the fragility of our oceans. We also gain some insight into what compelled Tré to look at conservation through a different lens and you’ll learn about their recently released book, Sea Change: A Decade of ARTivism for Oceans, which features a carefully curated selection of the purpose-driven artworks that PangeaSeed has collaborated on over the past 10 years. To find out how PangeaSeed is giving the oceans a voice through their unique blend of art and activism, make sure not to miss this insightful conversation with Tré Packard!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What compelled Tré to look at conservation through a different lens: art.
  • Insight into Tré’s lifelong connection with, and passion for, the oceans.
  • The value of art as a communication tool to drive change.
  • How the Sea Walls public art program empowers and educates communities about the importance of protecting our oceans.
  • How they collaborate with global partners and stakeholders to create a legacy of ARTivism.
  • The special selection of artwork featured in Sea Change: A Decade of ARTivism for Oceans.
  • Ocean pollution, microplastics, and the power that consumers have to drive change.
  • Tré reflects on how religion and politics can influence our relationship with the environment.
  • Tré’s hope for the next generation and how he believes young people can mobilize for good.
  • Sea Walls in Churchill, Manitoba, which is known as the “polar bear capital of the world.”
  • A sneak peek into some of the murals and creative productions coming your way this summer.
  • Breaking down the seven chapters of Sea Change and what you can expect from the book.
  • How you can support PangeaSeed by purchasing limited edition artworks from their shop.
  • How PangeaSeed supports artists through their Printed Oceans and Sea Walls programs.
  • Where you can find and stay up to date with PangeaSeed and Sea Walls on social media.
  • Some of the ways that Tré takes care of himself so he can continue fighting for the cause.
  • Sourdough tells the story of how he ended up living in Churchill, Manitoba, for a year.

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