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Going Above and Beyond the Mandated Checklist
Episode 37th July 2021 • The Cybersecurity Readiness Podcast Series • Dr. Dave Chatterjee
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When top management proactively takes every possible precaution to protect sensitive data because it is the right thing to do and not because there is a legislative requirement, that’s when the organization would have taken a huge step forward in earning customer confidence and trust. Tushar Sachdev, Executive Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer, KORE Wireless, is emphatic about top management’s role in creating and sustaining a proactive information security culture. In a very reflective and pragmatic discussion with Dr. Chatterjee, Mr. Sachdev, also offers guidance on how to a) get started on a path to cybersecurity readiness; b) reach a high state of cybersecurity readiness; c) get senior executive commitment to cybersecurity training, and d) select and monitor suppliers. He also talks about the importance of including cybersecurity performance metrics in performance appraisals and buying cyber insurance.

Memorable Tushar Quotes/Statements

Security is an organization-wide responsibility -- it includes marketing, customer support, HR, operations, it includes the CEO, and it includes the Board of Directors.

Just like you practice meditation, you should practice information security with the same dedication and discipline.


2:23 – What role can top management play in creating and sustaining a proactive information security culture?

7:05 – What advice and recommendations do you have for your fellow C-level executives, where should they start, what should be the starting point (when it comes to cybersecurity governance)?

15:23 – What according to you are some challenges and hurdles that organizations encounter to get to a high state of cybersecurity readiness? Also, please share some best practices and success factors.

24:15 – How do you enhance cybersecurity education among senior-level executives?

27:28 – What steps can be taken to get buy-in (for maintaining a certain security standard) from suppliers, contractors, and other third-party service providers?

34:10 – How should the performance evaluation system be modified to include measures that track or capture commitment to cybersecurity governance? How do you achieve a higher level of commitment from suppliers and other third-party service providers?

39:55 – How useful or effective is cyber insurance?

Key Takeaways document (prepared by Dr. Dave Chatterjee)

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