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Kent Auslander, Hot Route Tips: How Madden Freakout Video Helped Launch Premium Subscription Site
Episode 218th May 2022 • Monetize Media • CBWG Media Group LLC
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In this episode, Kent Auslander, co-founder of Hot Route Tips, a Madden Football website that sells expert tips and e-books, discusses developing his passion for gaming into a business, maintaining product authenticity in their niche, monetizing a YouTube channel, rigorously updating a knowledge product, how the business nearly derailed in the second month, how he leverages his audience for marketing, choosing promotional partners very carefully, and their future plans.


  1. (0:00) Episode introduction with Kyle and Jason  
  2. (1:20) The origin story of Hot Route Tips, how Kent got into Madden, and his early monetization strategies   
  3. (5:13) The freakout video and how it impacted Kent early on 
  4. (7:46) How Kent and Throne partnered and the process behind creating the ebooks 
  5. (14:19) The variability in Madden and the customer service with an audience with a wide age range   
  6. (20:17) Seasonality with Madden content sales and how the pandemic impacted sales 
  7. (21:53) The growth of the gaming industry over the years and how they acquire customers    
  8. (28:00) The different ways that Hot Route Tips is monetized and the point that Kent realized that is was sustainable   
  9. (30:53) The work-life balance of working in a time sensitive industry and the importance of social interaction  
  10. (40:17) Growth strategies, goals, and outsourcing for Hot Route Tips 
  11. (47:27) The tool or service that Hot Route Tips can’t live without  
  12. (49:10) One thing that Kent would change about the business or the ebooks  
  13. (51:39) Where you can find Kent and Hot Route Tips online  
  14. (52:25) Closing thoughts with Kyle and Jason    



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