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Note To Future Me - Circle270Media Podcast Consultants 23rd September 2020
Attract High-Quality Podcast Guests
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Attract High-Quality Podcast Guests

Landing high-quality guests is key to expanding your audience.

If you're a podcaster who hopes to land high-quality guests, keep these five things in mind to help you from looking like an amateur (and potentially turning potential guests away).

Asking your guest to share the episode.

Thought leaders don't want to keep sharing the same old interview questions and answers. 

Instead of telling people they have to share your content, create content they'll want to share. Create something that is easily sharable and offer your guest's audience the podcast takeaway material from a different angle. 

For example, if your guests makes a comment about a question or two that you asked that they have never been asked before, provide your guest something from those questions that inspires them to want to share their episode with their followers.

Expecting your guest to do extra work.

Your guest is giving you free content. So don't make them devote a lot of time and energy into being on your show.

Do your research before the interview. A high profile guest will have a media or press page on their website. This will be full of things like their bio and high-resolution images. Look for those first before asking your guest to email you that information.

Do your homework on your guest--don't ask your guest to repeat everything about themselves that you could easily find online. Let your creativity kick-in, and be that podcast interviewer that other podcasters strive to be.

Forgetting to share details.

When you're interviewing a prominent guest, there's a good chance you may have to work with that person's publicist or an assistant.

Put all your information into one simple email or document. That makes it simple for the information to be forwarded and referenced closer to the interview date and time.

Share the details of your interview up front, all in one email. Tell your guest as much information as possible. 

Respect the time they are going to give you, and create a comfortable interview situation from the start. Include how long the interview will last, how you plan to do the interview (phone, Skype, etc.), the type of format you use (for example, you always end with a guest book recommendation), etc.

Sending multiple emails.

Bombarding a guest with dozens of messages will likely cause your emails to go unanswered.

Busy thought leaders don't have time to have an ongoing conversation via email. In fact, each email you send to a busy guest's inbox may decrease their desire to be on your show.

Ask all of your important questions in one email if possible. Create a template of questions that must be asked. If you look like you don't have your act together, your guest may cancel the interview altogether.

Expecting your guest to work around your schedule.

It can be hard to attract popular guests if you aren't willing to work within their busy schedules.  

Don't send over your calendar and request the person choose a time. Expect a very tight schedule from your guest. Most thought leaders protect their time, and dedicate maybe one day a week, during certain hours, to interviews. That's how they've become who they are.

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